If you are in our hotel in the middle of the summer, then do not forget to visit the feast of Agia Marina. July 17th is the feast day of the Holy, where a multitude of people flock to the holy temple to worship its miraculous icon.

Just three kilometers from our hotel, northwest of Ligaria's beach, is the church of Agia Marina with its paved square. The church was erected in 1968, after a donation by the family of Nikolaos Emm. Papadopetrakis. 

Hidden from high pines and cypress trees, the church of Agia Marina is famous for its blue windows and red dome. Inside, its decoration is simple with some portable icons, among which stands the one of Saint Marina with its many vows. 

Because of its particular beauty and location, Agia Marina is today a very popular destination for social celebrations. If you do not find yourself in those festivals for those festivities, then take a stroll to gaze at the seascape under the shade of the trees in the square.