If you gonna visit the village of Fodele with the green landscape, do not neglect to visit the Art Gallery of John Klinakis, located in the village of Marathos, just eight kilometers from Fodele.

John Klinakis was born in 1938 in the village of Marathos. He worked for many years as a farmer, as a worker, as a builder, until in 1969 he managed to deal with his great love, sculpture. At first he worked next to great artists, such as Mema Kalogeratos and close to Christos Capralos, from whom he was greatly influenced. Metal, marble and wood are the dominant materials of its sculptures with the human form dominating everything.

The Art Gallery which is dedicated to his memory was opened in 2009. It includes mainly works by Klinakis, while among others there are works by Christos Kapralos from the personal collection of the first. The works were donated by Klinakis himself to his hometown shortly before he left life as part of the Municipality's cultural heritage.

In the gallery, a great part is devoted to his work on 1821 fighters and the National Resistance, memories of an era that deeply shaped the soul of the artist when on August 21, 1944, the Germans executed his father with six other fellow villagers. In the exhibition, you will also see a series of man-made lyres and many sculptures with a symbolic character.