Domιnikos Theotokopoulos, the well-known Greek painter with the Spanish name El Greco (= painter), was a Cretan painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.

Although he lived most of his life away from his homeland, his reputation is universally connected to his island, and especially to the village of Fodele, which honors his life and work.

The Dominikos Theotokopoulos Museum is located in the old post-Byzantine settlement of Skoteni, where it is believed that the Cretan painter was born and raised. The museum is housed in its house, restored under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture in 1998. There are several copies of its works, and one can see the workshop with the materials and tools of his work. Close to the Museum, you will also find the Byzantine church of the Virgin Mary, built in the 11th century, inspired by El Greco for hagiography.

After your visit to the Museum, it is worth walking the surrounding area and admiring the unique green landscape of the village with the evergreen trees and its fragrant orange trees. Do not forget to see the stone well with the water pumping mechanism, part of the post-Byzantine farmhouse, and relax in the local café enjoying a freshly baked coffee.

The Museum is about ten kilometers from our hotel and the road markings will take you straight to your destination. The area is well organized and operates daily from morning to afternoon in the months of April - October.