• Modinos Mansion in Rodia
    Modinos Mansion was the feudal mansion that supervised the areas of Rodia, Achlada, and Fodele during the Venetian domination in Crete. It was built in the first half of the 15th century and was mainly used for military purposes.
  • Monastery of Agia Fotini the Samaritan
    The beautiful monastery of Agia Fotini is located about 10 kilometers south of Hotel Belvedere, in the seaside village of Elinoperamata. It is within walking distance of the Pantanassa monastery (Panagia Pantanassa) and offers the visitor an impressive view of the Sea of Crete and the city of Heraklion.
  • Village Sises
    Sises is a small mountainous village that is located about 17 km west of our hotel, at an altitude of 120 meters. Around the village, there are several mountains, such as mountain Black and mountain Kidanathere, and there also many places where one can admire the view, as well as the various species of plants and trees in the area.
  • Santorinios Gorge
    For all of you who enjoy hiking in the wild, consider taking a visit to the beautiful Santorinios Gorge. This small gorge is about 15 kilometers from our hotel and is located between the villages of Fodele and Marathos.
  • Pantanassa beach
    The small beach of Pantanassa is located about 10 kilometers south of our hotel, next to the picturesque port of Pantanassa. The beach took its name after the monastery of Pantanassa, which is found on the top of a pine-covered hill above the beach.
  • Village Rodia
    Rodia is a village that stands out for its exceptional view of the city of Heraklion and the Cretan Sea. It is located about 9 kilometers from our hotel on a slope called Marmarakefala, at an altitude of 300 meters above the valley of Paleokastro.
  • Village Fodele
    Fodele is a small beautiful village, known for its sweet and juicy oranges. It is located about 10 kilometers from our hotel in the middle of a valley crowded with oranges and Pantomantris river flowing through it.
  • Beach Made
    Made beach is a beautiful sandy beach located in the small settlement of Mades, which is about 5 km southeast of our hotel.
  • Fodele Beach
    Fodele beach is a wonderful sandy beach located about 7 km from our hotel. The access is easy via the Rethymno - Heraklion highway, and you can combine your summer swim with a visit to the beautiful village of Fodele nearby.
  • Paleokastro Beach
    Paleokastro beach is a beautiful small pebble beach, which is about 8 km from our hotel. The waters are usually calm and clean, mainly because of the eastern orientation of the bay, which protects the beach from the strong winds.
  • Helidoni beach
    Helidoni, also known as Porto Helidoni (Shallow), is a beautiful small beach located about 8 km southeast of our hotel.
  • Mononaftis Beach
    Mononaftis is a beautiful small beach with turquoise waters and thick sand. It is located about 2 kilometers from our hotel and is considered by many to be the quietest beach of the area.

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