• Panagia Nteligara
    Panagia Deligara is a small renovated church located about 3.5 kilometers from our hotel, in the area of Lygaria. It is also known as Lygariotissa and stands on the foundations of the old monastery of Panagia Deligara, which was built during the Venetian domination in Crete.
  • Kladissos beach
    Kladissos beach is a small beautiful beach located between the largest bays of Agia Pelagia and Psaromoura. It is only a 5-minute drive away from our hotel.
  • Psaromoura Beach
    Psaromoura is a beautiful small beach covered with sand and many pebbles. It has clear blue-green waters and its seabed is ideal for exploration.
  • Ligaria beach
    Ligaria beach is a beautiful scenic beach with turquoise waters and thick sand. It is located southeast of Agia Pelagia and is about 2.5 km from our hotel.
  • Agia Pelagia Monastery, Ahlada
  • Ancient Apollonia
    Ancient Apollonia is considered to be the most important archaeological site in the area of Agia Pelagia.
  • Agia Pelagia Beach
    The beach of Agia Pelagia is a beautiful sandy beach with sea-green waters, that is about 200 meters from our hotel.

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